The Hidden Polarities of Nature

by Margaret K. Chaney


CHAPTER 1:  Polarities of Planet Earth

If I were to tell you I know how you could look and feel better, think more clearly, have more sustained energy, and do it all with ease and comfort, you would probably think I was a snake-oil salesman.  But it is possible and there are no requirements of you except awareness and attention.  It seems the total environment is ruled by an endless series of polarities.  We are used to polarities of male and female, up and down, north and south, in and out, light and dark. day and night.  Now I have a key to unlocking one of the best kept secrets -- the polarity of planet Earth and its influence on human beings.  Human beings have a polarity of male and female to exchange energy and perpetuate the species.  Planet Earth is doing almost the same thing.

All environmental substances appear to be polarized into two diverse groups.  There are two worlds, mixed together to look like one world.  And at conception, each person is created to match one world or the other -- not both.  Two Worlds; Two sets of People!  Which explains the mystery of why so much medical and nutritional advice is confusing and contradictory.  Advice meant for some is just not appropriate for the rest.  These two groups look innocently similar, but DON'T BE FOOLED!  Certain specific items will nourish your body and enhance your mental health, but items from the other group will quietly drain your energy away, one bite or contact at a time.

We are two strains of people, not one.   There are two precise and opposite groups of food and other natural and man-made items, one suitable for each type. These groups look innocently similar but do not be fooled.  One group will nourish your body and let it operate at full strength; the other will quietly drain away your energy one bite or one contact at a time.

As you eat foods, drink liquids, take medication, or work in the garden, you have probably noticed some substances make you feel good and others really bother you.  You can proceed on a trial-and-error basis or you can learn a simple test that will let you know in advance which substances match your body type and which are a mismatch.

The test is a simple muscle-function test, often referred to as applied kinesiology.  Many people use this test to tease out information about the world but they think they are getting random results.  They don't realize there is an underlying pattern which is precise, predictable, and unchanging.  My tests  have included over 7,000 people including 58 sets of identical twins and, through a third party as a surrogate, six skeletons.  The pattern was assigned to you before you were born and can be trusted to guide you through your whole life.

There are comprehensive lists later in the book that will show how precise the division is between the two worlds.  It might surprise you that the people around you will either echo your type or be in the other category.  Each of you will test strong with one set of lists and weak with the other.  In spite of all the wonderful things about those other people, if you don't belong in their world, you can't eat their foods without paying a price in loss of energy ranging from simple fatigue to serious physical symptoms.

Later you can personalize these lists by testing substances unique to your home or profession or life-style and adding them to the more than 500 items that have already been tested.  Tests with over 7,000 people generated these lists; now they are yours to benefit from.

Each time your environment changes, your body assesses your situation.  You are constantly tasting a different food, touching another plant or chemical, seeing another person or animal, breathing a new fragrance or pollutant, sipping a liquid, applying a cosmetic or lotion.  Some are safe for you as an individual and some are not.  You need to know which are which.

As with many discoveries, learning the new is easy; forgetting the old is difficult.  But in this case, you have at your disposal a reliable test instrument -- your body's own muscle system.  And the test instrument is deeply invested in your welfare.  Ask your body when it feels safe and when it feels threatened.  If you ask in the right way, it will gratefully and honestly tell you.  The test is easy to learn and is fully described in the next chapter.

There is no long series of questions and answers to memorize.  After you test a few items from the polarized lists, a technique will permanently establish itself.  Our planet obviously operates from a hidden design.  When you see a high-tech movie, you became totally engrossed in the special effects.  You duck as something on the screen flies toward you and you grip your seat when the action becomes dangerous.  Planet Earth, too, creates an optical illusion.  We see a rich tapestry composed of people and things in endless variety.  But in truth everything in our environment is divided into two discrete groups.

Then these two groups are superimposed, just like the components of the special effects in the movie.  The key to cracking the code of planet Earth lies in seeing beyond the illusion and taking a clear look at the workings of the separate worlds.

I have labeled the items in the planet's groups as REDLIST and GREENLIST.  That means then that each person falls into one of four categories: REDLIST male, REDLIST female, GREENLIST male, or GREENLIST female.  We are accustomed to the difficulties of adjusting to the male and female polarity; having to include these new polarities of the planet is a truly daunting experience.

When a change in the environment is felt to be a threat to you, your muscles prepare for fight, flight, or freeze.  Between the time the potential threat is recognized and the time your muscles take action, there is an instant of limpness as one system disengages and another one is activated.  This is similar to the moment when the clutch of a manual-transmission car is depressed and the drive train disengages before changing gears.  Our muscles have to stop doing what they are doing because they may have to start doing something different to protect us.

In that neutral moment, a person doing muscle-function testing can identify your body's response to a perceived threat because you cannot then resist pressure on a selected muscle.  The deltoid muscle across the upper arm is usually preferred for the test because it is both strong and convenient, but any muscle could be used. If you have ever had stage fright, you may have felt this effect in your shaking knees; as you started to write an important exam, your hand may have trembled; during a job interview, you might have experienced an unpredictable tremor in your voice.  Your conscious mind could be full of brave intentions but your muscle system has gone on alert just in case.

Finding we live in an oil and water world does not create monumental problems; the problems already exist!  Knowing about them gives us an opportunity to grasp their dimensions and devise some survival strategies.  The route to high energy is to identify what energy you already have, bolster it with food and other items from the tested lists that suit your type, and avoid substances that belong to the opposite world.

Follow the directions in the next chapter and start testing your reactions and those of your family and friends.  You will then be prepared to apply that skill to align your body with its sources of health and energy.















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